The 5 Wackiest Classic Songs That We All Ashamedly Adore


Call them one hit ponders, curiosity acts or basically incredibly silly tunes, there are such huge numbers of wacky exemplary melodies that we have all developed to humbly cherish. We know they’re dumb, we know they’re inconsequential, we know they’re futile, we know they’re silly yet we never think again about putting it on our iPod today. It’s likely a result of its wackiness that we love these tunes.

The following are 5 exemplary tunes for which you should balance your head in disgrace for preferring.

“Kung Fu Fighting” – Carl Douglas

It’s been known as the greatest one-hit miracle ever. It’s likewise been known as the most absurd melody (and move) at any point made. Which isn’t amazing given that melodies about hand to hand fighting are not something that happens each day. One of the soonest disco tunes, “Kung Fu Fighting” was a resonating achievement economically when discharged in 1974, selling over a million duplicates in the US and more than 4 million around the world.

Before long enough the entire world was NaijaVibe, Download Rema songs  moving and singing “everyone was kung-fu battling, those felines were quick as lightning, in truth it was somewhat startling, however they battled with master timing.” The way that it accompanied a move made it considerably progressively well known and addictive.

In the event that you have never heard “Kung-Fu Fighting”, I caution you to be set up for one of the most exceedingly terrible tunes you’ll ever hear. You’ll more likely than not abhor it from the outset, yet you will develop to adore it. Ensured. And afterward you’ll drape your head in disgrace.

“Tarzan Boy” – Baltimora

Any tune that utilizes Tarzan’s cry as the melodic line is only ludicrous. “Tarzan Boy” was an immense one-hit wonder for Italian electro-pop move bunch Baltimora in 1985. Sung by frontman Jimmy McShane, it additionally accompanies one of the most exceedingly awful music recordings at any point made. You can see it for yourself above.

The tune manages living in the wilderness simply like Tarzan Boy and about “silliness on a radiant evening.” The verses are absolutely a portion of the most exceedingly awful at any point composed, be that as it may, it is Tarzan’s cry that makes this tune so essential thus adored by numerous individuals of us. We should drape our heads in disgrace.

“Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice

Aside from being a major hip-bounce one-hit wonder in the mid 90s, it was additionally the subject of an unoriginality contest. Furthermore, to exacerbate the situation (or all the more intriguing), Vanilla Ice was a white rapper which was unbelievable in the mid 90s.

There are hardly any expressions in music that are more addictive than “ice child.” truth be told, a large number of us despite everything go insane over the possibility of singing “ice infant” softly like voice. We’ve most likely got this melody on our iPods at this moment. Drape your head in disgrace in the event that you love this tune.

“Barbara Ann” – The Beach Boys

You’d be unable to discover another tune that rehashes its title so often during the melody. So often that the Beach Boys themselves have tragically sung “baa odd one out” rather “Barbara Ann” on certain events. One marvels whether the child’s nursery rhyme was the motivation behind this melody. I wouldn’t be amazed in the event that it was.

I feel frustrated about anybody named Barbara or Barbara Ann so far as that is concerned, this is unquestionably one tune that you might not want to hear. You’re most likely asking why individuals need to seem like sheep to sing a melody. However it’s likely a result of this, that we as a whole love to sing and move to this tune. We should drape our heads in disgrace.

“I’m Too Sexy” – Right Said Fred

An overall hit in 1992, “I’m Too Sexy” includes the absolute generally silly and absurd verses at any point utilized. Actually, I would group this tune to be to a greater degree a parody drama than a pop melody.

The melody investigates the sentiment of being agreeable about your own degree of provocativeness that you are unreasonably hot for some things. The melody experiences a rundown of things which the hero says he’s unreasonably hot for. This incorporates being unreasonably attractive for “my affection, my shirt, Milan, Japan, New York, your gathering, my vehicle, my cap, my feline” lastly the melody itself.

Men dislike to let it be known, yet they just (and covertly) revere this tune and fantasy about singing it each time they get up from bed. They can balance their heads in disgrace.


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